Wesleyan Covenant Association

The Wesleyan Covenant Association: How did we get here? – Christian Article

The seeds for the Wesleyan Covenant Association have been growing for a long time. It’s important to trace the efforts which have led to its creation of a new Wesleyan denomination. Rev. Charles Keysor 1966: One Against the Many The WCA consistently uses narratives of institutional oppression, “one against the many” and rallying language of minority status. This is a throwback to its origins in the 1960s. Rev. Charles Keysor was the originator of the Good News Magazine and eventual…

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The WCA is just an insurance policy in case their #UMC takeover fails.

United Methodist News reports on the latest conference by The Wesleyan Covenant Association: The denomination’s Judicial Council, meeting last month, ruled that several parts of the Traditional Plan violated the church’s constitution. However, the Rev. Keith Boyette, the association’s president, said the plan will be brought into conformity with Judicial Council Decision 1366. The association also supported a proposed gracious exit that would allow congregations and institutions wanting to leave the denomination to leave with all their property and assets…

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