Syrian Christians Feel Abandoned by America – End Times Christian Article

(CBN) – President Trump is rejecting criticism for his decision to pull out US troops from Syria and is pleased with the recent ceasefire agreement, but Syrian Christians are feeling abandoned by America. Vice President Mike Pence said a 5-day ceasefire agreement was reached on Thursday, allowing Kurdish troops to evacuate from the area. There was also an agreement to protect religious minorities in northern Syria. After that initial ceasefire, a more enduring ceasefire is going to kick in, based…

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Trump Just Poked The Dragon In The Eye, And U.S.-China Relations Just Took An Ominous Turn For The Worse – End Times Christian Article

OPINION (MS) – After what President Trump just did, the odds of the U.S. and China being able to reach a trade agreement this year officially just went from slim to none. For China, there is no issue more sensitive than the status of Taiwan. For the Chinese, it is unthinkable for anyone to even suggest that Taiwan is not a part of China, and the Chinese are prepared to defend their “one China” policy to the death if necessary.…

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