Is Youth Ministry a BIG Strategic Focus in Your Church? It Should Be! – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Youth ministry is often dismissed as something less than strategic in far too many churches. Some even view it as a kind of glorified babysitting. In their thinking, teenagers need just enough games and God to keep them coming back….until they are old enough to make a difference in the church. The unspoken implication is that teenagers aren’t “real members” until they are old enough to have jobs, give offerings and serve in the big boy/big girl roles of the…

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6 Tips on Engaging Youth in Service – Youth Ministry Christian Article

My friend, Kevin Mahaffy, shared 6 tips on how to get teenagers involved in their communities and I thought these were very helpful.  I will share 4 of them with you here on the blog, and you can get the link to the full post at the end. Make it fun. If serving is a drag, students will not want to do it. It can be hard and challenging, but it’s never dull. Find ways to make service fun. Build fun…

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How Can You Find a Biblical Role Model for Your Teen? – Christian Article

Aside from Jesus himself, few people in Scripture are presented as obvious heroes. Most are portrayed as complicated people, prone to occasional failure, who nevertheless were used by God in extraordinary ways. That’s why they make such great role models for your complicated teen, who also may be prone to occasional failure. [Sign up to receive in your emailbox the free Bible Verse of the Day from Bible Gateway] Here are four women and six men to consider in your…

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