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Are You Exhausted? ~ RELEVANT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Are you exhausted? Are you getting enough sleep? Do you dread going into the weekend because you know it will be a long one…or at least you feel like it will be a long one? Do you feel like you are running around like crazy, trying to keep it all together? Do you get exhausted just thinking about VBS? Do you come home and have a hard time unwinding from the day? Do you toss and turn all night because…

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Downshifting Your Summer Strategy – – Youth Ministry Christian Article

If you’re a volunteer youth worker who needs to take a break, this article might help you. If you’re a youth pastor with maxed-out volunteers, this article might give you perspective. I am a longtime volunteer youth worker and full-time staffer at my church in a non-youth ministry role. As I write, the summer hasn’t even begun and, already, I have facts-of-life factors pulling me back from my traditional fourth-gear pace. While I’m still involved with our weekend middle school ministry,…

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