School Prayer Space with Printable Prayer Station Instructions – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Last week was a busy but amazing week! I spent most of it in our local primary school in the prayer space we had created with some inspiration from Prayer Spaces in Schools. We were given a classroom for a week and turned it from this… To this… Each class spent at least one session in the room and lunchtimes, when children could make their own way there, were very busy! We had some amazing conversations about life, death, families,…

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Schools around the UK are ‘discriminating against pupils with Afro hair’ – Godinterest Christian Blogs – Christian Article

Every one in six children with afro-textured hair are being ‘discriminated against at school, according to a report from the charity World Afro Day. World Afro Day organisers are worried that some school hair policies can negatively affect children with afro-textured hair. The investigation, led by De Montfort University Leicester,  showed a 66% rise in negative hair policies towards Afro hair Additionally, 95% of adults surveyed said they would like to see the introduction of hair protection laws – similar…

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