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6 Steps To Go from Nobody to Networking Junkie – Home – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Networking is a big deal. Some may say it isn’t, but I’ve seen the power of it. Networking has allowed me to go from knowing nobody, to rubbing elbows with and being on a first name basis with some of the biggest names in a variety of industries. As a systems analyst I was able to use networking to go from knowing very little about computer programing to sitting in a private session with executive level leaders of the company…

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Observations From a High School Field Trip With My Son – Home – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  8:30 The seats on this bus are closer together that I remember… because I’m certain I haven’t gotten any bigger. 8:43 This bus driver is a big fan of racing… or demolition derby. Probably demolition derby. 9:00 These buses have air conditioning these days… Naturally I get stuck with the one bus driver who refuses to use it. Her mantra “Race cars don’t have air conditioning. Neither do race buses.” 9:15 Dear God, would someone please tell this bus…

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Maybe the Chairs SHOULDN’T Match – Home – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

This week I’m at the Orange Conference. This table is not from this years theme. In fact in will quite likely not even be mentioned at all this week. But, as I walked around the conference I found myself looking at this table. As I looked at it, the symbolism of it struck me. This is not about a pretty picture. It’s not about a perfect place setting, worthy of a magazine. This table, and these chairs are about a…

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