Q&A with an Orthodox priest

What Do I Do If a Priest Doesn’t Give Me His Blessing? – Christian Article

@page { margin: 2cm } p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 115% } Question: Father Andrew, your blessing. I asked a priest to bless me to read the Psalter on behalf of my newly-reposed mum. He said, “I won’t give you my blessing!” I was taken aback. He added, “You can’t carry that burden. Remember your mum during morning prayer and send prayer notes to the altar to be prayed for at the Liturgy.” I’m positively shocked by his response. Please,…

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Coming to Terms with an Unplanned Pregnancy – Christian Article

Question: Father Andrew, your blessing. I’ve been pregnant for 20 weeks already. I didn’t plan to have a baby and I wasn’t prepared for it. The last couple of years was challenging for me both mentally and physically. I even had a nervous breakdown and suffer from panic attacks. I graduated from a university this June and decided to quit my job and spend a year dealing with my health issues, and then move on. Suddenly, I got pregnant in…

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