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Modern Feminism and the Death Throes of Patriarchy – Christian Article

In this episode of the CultureCast, Amy and Christian talk about Jeff Sessions and Romans 13, Thai cave rescues and babies in cages, and free speech and feminism. You’ll hear about how a political cartoon sparked a debate about the difference between the efforts to rescue the soccer team trapped in a cave in Thailand and the relative inaction in regards to the children detained at the US border, Jeff Session’s defense of separating children using Romans 13, and drawing the…

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The Moral Compromise of Supporting Trump – Christian Article

In this episode, Christian and Amy ask why white Evangelicals support Trump in such big numbers. As much as 77% of white Evangelicals support Trump. Why do they continue to support him? Do progressives share anything with Evangelicals besides the name Christian? They talk about the moral compromise and rationalization of supporting Trump, the perceived loss of (white) identity, support for a populist movement, and comfort with a patriarchal order. Plus, and update and continuation from the last episode on…

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