Providence of God

Looking Beyond the Frowning Providence in the COVID-19 Pandemic – Christian Article

Few things make me more nervous and angered simultaneously than hearing evangelical speakers talk about how God told them something in a secret non-canonical manner that’s outside of the realm of holy Scripture. During this global COVID-19 pandemic such talk has arisen once again and it’s primarily centered upon the idea that God is judging his Church and calling us to repentance. Could God be using this pandemic as a form of judgment? Sure. However, if we explore the secret…

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The Secret to Meaning When Death Looms – Christian Article

We doctors are fixers. Medical school teaches us to conquer disease with an arsenal of technology. In the best circumstances, our determination to cure illness fulfills the call to love our neighbors (Matt. 22:39). A physician’s diligence can win people more time to love their families, pursue what matters in life, and glorify our Lord (Col. 3:17). Yet while we can postpone death, only Jesus has overcome it. Eventually our cures run out. Cancer cells evade chemotherapy. The heart stretches…

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