When & How Do People Get Their Souls? – The Outlaw Bible Student – Christian Article

Most Christians believe in something called a human soul that survives death. The questions of when and how a person obtains that soul, whatever it is, have been discussed and debated throughout Christian history. It is no different today, especially for those who are trying to determine abortion law. Although atheists don’t believe in God, they will certainly use the Bible for reference, if its scripture can be twisted to their advantage. Even using the same book, Christians find a…

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Are we “pro-family” to families from the church? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

I spent parts of three days in Colorado Springs this past week at a meeting for Christian leaders convened by the Center for Public Justice and sponsored by the Flying Horse Foundation on providing paid leave to parents and caregivers who are eligible to take unpaid time off under provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) but are unable to do so for economic reasons. I discovered during my time in Colorado that considerable bipartisan support exists in Washington…

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On Pro-Life Incrementalism | Mere Orthodoxy – Christian Article

I heard a man say once that one’s entire response to Rod Dreher’s The Benedict Option hinged on how one thought about the sustainability of the current social order. That the existing social order is hostile to orthodoxy is obvious. But is that order sustainable, such that Christians should head to the catacombs? Or, on the other hand, is this order, which is so hostile to orthodoxy, itself incoherent and thus likely to unravel in the near future? If you take that…

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