Group Game for All Ages: Harvest Relay – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Harvest Relay, a group game that’s perfect for all ages, will teach kids about the importance of sticking with God’s harvest, even when it gets challenging. You’ll Need: a large tub, water, cranberries, apples plastic spoons, two identical containers, and a scale. Group Game for All Ages: Harvest Relay At one end of the room, fill a large tub with cold water, cranberries, and a few apples. At the other end of the room, form teams of four or five.…

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13 Ways to Build Friendships with the Children You Teach – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Don’t miss these 13 practical, healthy ways to build friendships with the kids you teach in your children’s ministry. Each week, we face rooms with children excited and ready to learn about Jesus. Sometimes our kids know each other, go to school together, and have intact friendships. Or they may represent a blend of different ages, schools, and backgrounds with no existing friendships. As their teacher, one of the most important things we can do for kids is to guide them in building friendships with…

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