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Outer Edges: Who Are You Forgetting in Your Sermons? – Christian Article

Most preaching is aimed at the people in the middle. How do we preach so people on the edges can feast, too? By Patricia Batten I preached on five verses in the first chapter of Mark’s Gospel. In verses 40–45, Mark tells us about a man who lived on the outer edges of society. He was stuck away from the community, covering his head and yelling out “unclean, unclean.” He was not allowed to live within the community. His disease…

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Preachers, Mobilize Your Language and Send It Into Battle – Christian Article

By Jeffrey Arthurs It was said of Winston Churchill that “he mobilized the English language, and sent it into battle.” I exhort you, send your best words into battle against the world, the flesh, and the devil. Send language forth like soldiers massing for the charge, cutting the wire, and storming the stronghold. You can do this by using vivid verbs and nouns. Don’t say, “There was a major city”; say, “Chicago.” Don’t say, “The thief brought a weapon”; say,…

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