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Reproof Is a Pastor’s Gift of Love – Christian Article

In the logic of Scripture, reproof is a gift. In the logic of certain secular mindsets, reproof is an act of oppression. For one kind of secularist, even the word “sin” is intrinsically oppressive. It implies, the secularist suspects, that you think you know the standards and I don’t. You, therefore, hope to use them to lord it over me. You want to control my behavior. This view makes sense from the perspective of a flat, two-dimensional world, where contests…

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Why Middle Eastern Women Want to Learn to Teach the Bible – Christian Article

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy.  Woman’s Voice: My husband is pastoring the house churches in Afghanistan so I’m helping him. And you know, it’s not easy to work with ladies and man cannot easily go and sit and talk to a lady. So we need a lady to talk to them and share the gospel to them. And we need a lady’s perspective…

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20 Quotes from the Book Your Pastor Wishes You’d Read – Christian Article

The following quotes caught my attention as I (Matt Smethurst) read Christopher Ash’s brilliant new book, The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (But Is Too Embarrassed to Ask) (The Good Book Company, 2019). If you and I do not care for our pastors, then they will not be able to care for us. (11) We tend to see our pastors at their most polished. I want us to see them, or at least imagine them, as they are. (13)…

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