Planning and Productivity

The Four-Letter Word That Isn’t – Youth Ministry Christian Article

“I don’t really look at numbers; I’m more interested in spiritual growth.” “You’re so numbers-focused—do you even know anyone’s names?” “Numbers aren’t the only way to gauge ministry success.” I work in a pretty large church. I’ve heard all of these “numbers” criticisms, and then some. In the not-too-distant past, I even spouted some of them. I’ve also rolled my eyes at the typical comebacks—‘numbers are people” and “we count because we care” and “healthy things grow.” All of us have…

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Downshifting Your Summer Strategy – – Youth Ministry Christian Article

If you’re a volunteer youth worker who needs to take a break, this article might help you. If you’re a youth pastor with maxed-out volunteers, this article might give you perspective. I am a longtime volunteer youth worker and full-time staffer at my church in a non-youth ministry role. As I write, the summer hasn’t even begun and, already, I have facts-of-life factors pulling me back from my traditional fourth-gear pace. While I’m still involved with our weekend middle school ministry,…

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