Ask Rooted: The Pressure to Perform – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Knowing that parents are always eager for wise perspectives on how their teens think and feel, we asked our Rooted youth ministry writers what they would tell parents about the pressure today’s kids feel to perform. We. think you’ll find some insight here, as well as some conversation starters. Liz Edrington, Fellowship Groups Director and Young Adults Coordinator at North Shore Fellowship in Chattanooga, TN: As a counselor, I come across so many teenagers who feel invalidated by their peers…

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Fosse/Verdon Recap: “Life Is a Cabaret” (Episode 1) – Christian Article

For eight weeks, FX is airing Fosse/Verdon, a limited series about iconic choreographer/director Bob Fosse and legendary dancer Gwen Verdon, his wife and creative partner. Besides being catnip for theater fans, their story raises thoughts and questions about love, art, sacrifice, exploitation, abuse, and other topics that are both timely and timeless. This series explores both the aesthetic aspects of the show and its handling of those topics. Shows and movies with strictly linear timelines have fallen somewhat out of…

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