Pauline Studies

Announcing This Month’s Discounted Publisher: Logos Mobile Ed – Christian Article

Why not tackle a new theology subject this summer, or gain new ministry skills and insights—and earn a certificate while you do? All while learning from some of the most esteemed scholars in Christian academia. This month only, save 40% on nine new Certificate Programs from Logos Mobile Ed. Each Certificate Program includes a selection of Mobile Ed Courses focused on one biblical study topic or key area of ministry and is based on content and learning level. Consider these…

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Radio Free Geneva: Mike Winger and Limited Atonement Once Again! – Christian Article

Today we did a Radio Free Geneva episode in response to Pastor Mike Winger’s discussion of limited atonement (drawing from a phone conversation with Dr. David Allen) which was aired just last evening.  Normally don’t get to respond to things that quickly but this time it worked out.  I hope Pastor Winger will consider the arguments we have presented, and I hope others will find them helpful as well.  Here is Mike Winger’s video. Here is the YouTube link:Live Video…

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1 Timothy 2, Men and Women in the Church, then a Full Review of Shapiro/Craig – Christian Article

Spent the first half an hour or so looking at 1 Timothy 2 and the relationship of men and women in leadership roles in the church.  Then we talked a bit about Jeff Durbin’s encounter with Andy Stanley that took place just this morning (the recordings will be posted May 30 (I would have typed 5/30 but it was recorded in London so it would be written 30/5 for them!).  Then we moved into the Ben Shapiro interview of William…

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