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How About Making Memories Instead of Using All Your Money on Presents – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

As parents, we want to give our kids great gifts at Christmas. We get their wish lists and get as much as our budget allows. But what if we focused on making memories instead of tons of gifts? Christmas comes and we give our kids the gifts.  They are excited at first, but as a few months pass by, they grow bored with the present and it sits on a shelf or at the bottom of their toy box. Giving…

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Blogroll Update #10 | Thinking Out Loud

My last update was in May. Some of these are simply updates, and some were in my computer under other categories. I have more Christian blogs bookmarked in my computer than anyone else in a three blog radius. (Seriously, there a couple thousand.) The list which appears on the blogroll in the right margin of the blog is always being updated. Blogs Daily Devotional from Popular Christian Television & Video Ministries Online PCPJ | Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace &…

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