passion week

What was Jesus Doing on Day Two of Passion Week – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

What happened on Day Two of Passion Week? Click to find out. Tell your children the events of this day some 2000 years ago.  You can be very animated as you tell of Jesus cleansing the temple because He loved God’s house so much and people were not respecting it. Jesus said His house is a house of prayer. Talk of ways to respect your church (keep it clean, don’t run inside, listen to your teachers, etc.) Be thankful for…

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The Hope of Humanity Shut in a Tomb – Christian Article

The final days of Jesus’ earthly ministry are surrounded in truth and eternal significance from which we’ll never stop learning. In his devotional  And the Angels Were Silent from the Chronicles of the Cross Collection, Max Lucado reflects on Jesus’ death and burial. *** The road to Calvary was noisy, treacherous, and dangerous. And I wasn’t even carrying a cross. When I had thought of walking Christ’s steps to Golgotha, I envisioned myself meditating on Christ’s final hours and imagining…

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