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First Day of Spring Craft: Hoppin Froggies – Christian Article

Kids love the reappearance of frogs in the spring, and this spring craft creation of paper-plate froggies will make kids laugh. And they’ll remind kids that just like frogs have to reach far with those tongues to get their food, we should be willing to reach far to understand God’s will”¦and take in his spiritual food! First Day of Spring Craft: Hoppin Froggies Materials – First Day of Spring Frog Arms and Legs Template, one copy for each child, on sturdy…

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Homemade Patriotic Pinwheels – Christianity Cove – Christian Article

If you want a little celebration, this is the perfect time of year for patriotic pinwheels! They’re easy, fun, and give you a chance to talk to your cihldren about why we really still do live in a Christian nation”¦and what they need to do to keep it that way. Warning for small children: Pushpins involved! Materials – Sturdy scrapbooking paper, one sheet of a red pattern, one sheet of a blue pattern for each child.– Pushpins, one for each child–…

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