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“Easter Week in Order” – A Memorization Easter Game – Christian Article

Here’s a great memorization game covering the events of Easter Week, with all the events spelled out for you to share. While it’s an Easter game, it’s also a game of what it feels like to not know where God is taking you! As the apostles did during Easter Week, your children will learn that it’s all good when it’s in God’s hands. Materials: • Palm Sunday/Easter game pieces (PDF)• Two blindfolds• Scissors• Scotch tape Introduction: 1. Print out two…

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Palm Sunday Balloon Word Search – Christian Article

With this game, students will begin to understand what it means to listen to the word of God. They will realize how important it is to read the Bible as they rush around to try to find, and then unscramble, all of the mystery letters. Materials Six Index Cards Pen Fifteen Balloons Objective Students will compete as a team to first find hidden balloons and then to see if they can correctly unscramble the mystery word. Preparation Write one letter…

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