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Theophany Eve: Is It Possible Not to Eat Anything All Day? – Christian Article

The tradition to abstain from food for a day or more has existed since Old Testament times. All Jews were required to fast before some important events, battles or in times of calamities. Moses himself was fasting on Mt. Sinai. The annual worship calendar of the Orthodox Church marks several days when the faithful are required to abstain from food all day long. These days include Holy Friday, Exaltation of the Cross, Christmas Eve, and Theophany Eve. There is a…

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May a Service Be Held Outside of a Church? What Does One Need for That? – Christian Article

Church traditions require that a Divine Liturgy must be celebrated in a church on a designated and consecrated Holy Table or at least on an antimension (Greek, ‘instead of the table’) consecrated by an Orthodox bishop. Antimension is a special cloth with an image of the Lord’s Burial. It is placed on top of the Holy Table and is mandatory for celebration of a Liturgy. If, for a certain reason, the Liturgy has to be celebrated outside of a church,…

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