Expecting Much From Jesus This Week – Home – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

This morning I sit in a Starbucks in Duluth, Georgia. Duluth is part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area… at least that’s what I’m calling it. I’m sitting here, expecting Jesus to do something this week. You see, I’m in Atlanta for a conference. This is like my 7th or 8th time coming for this conference. In those years I have had a lot of fun and have seen Jesus do some great things in me and in whatever church…

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Is Social Media About Content or Connection? – Home – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

I have read a bunch of books in my life. I am an avid reader and usually have 2-3 books in process at any given moment. I usually have one fiction book just for fun and another book or two for learning. Books are great. However, there is one way that books are severally lacking… you can’t talk with the author. Sure, there are some authors that are pretty active on social media. I’ve even known of some putting their…

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