Orange Strategy

Explaining Orange to Holiday Visitors at Your Church – Orange Leaders – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

The holidays are here and so are new families. Something about fried turkeys and cute baby Jesus draws people to our ministries like a powerful magnet, during this wonderful time of the year. Though some of these families are visiting cousin Jeffrey for Thanksgiving, or visiting their in-laws for Christmas, or maybe ringing in the New Year with Grandma, other families live near our churches and are visiting because of the holiday season. Regardless of their reasons for visiting, sharing…

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4 Stories Hiding In Your Giving Data and What to Do About Them – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Your giving data could be hiding important opportunities for ministry—but what if you could quickly analyze that data to know why people give, what causes them to stop giving, and track your givers so you can take the right actions to keep them engaged? Churches collect all sorts of data, but without knowing the story behind it, the information lacks value. Generally, when you notice a shift in behavior, whether it’s someone giving for the first time, dramatically increasing their…

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