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Do More with This Premium Church Giving Tool—Free for 3 Months – Christian Article

At the end of the year, there’s a giving BOOM.  An incredible one-third of the year’s giving comes during December. Perhaps even more incredibly, 12% of giving for the entire year comes in the last three days of December! Your congregation is ready to give. Here’s how to make it easier for them—and for you. Choose a user-friendly church giving platform For givers Using Faithlife Giving is as simple as dropping a check into the offering plate (maybe even simpler…

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Resources on Generosity from a Biblical Perspective – Christian Article

Generosity is part of who God is—there are thousands of Bible verses that teach us about his generous character. We can also learn about biblical generosity from one another. Because we’re created to live in community, we are designed to care for and meet each other’s needs. Here are some helpful resources on generosity and the church. Poverty is much more than a lack of material resources, and it takes much more than donations and handouts to solve it. When…

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Help Your Church Take Action on Their Generosity – Christian Article

As believers, we all experience times when the Holy Spirit speaks to us and we are compelled to action. During those moments, we’re in good company.  There were many times during Jesus’ earthly ministry when he was moved with compassion to help others. He stopped in the middle of a huge crowd to talk with the woman who touched the hem of his cloak (Mark 5:25–34). He passed by a man who was born blind and healed his sight (John…

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