Object Lessons

Saturated by the Holy Spirit Kidmin Free Object Lesson – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Here is a great object lesson to illustrate why we need to be filled and saturated by the Holy Spirit. Supplies Needed: flat sponge, bowl of water Ephesians 5:18 Do not be drunk with wine. That will ruin you spiritually. But be filled with the Spirit. The Bible talks a lot about being filled with the Holy Spirit. The word used in this verse for filled means being continually filled. That means being filled, and filled, and filled again. It…

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Citizens of Heaven (Luke 10:1-11; 16-20) Children’s Sermon for July 4th – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Children’s Sermon on Luke 10:1-11; 16-20. Being and Making Citizens of Heaven – Everyone is proud of their nation and it’s birthday, this lesson reminds kids they are also citizens of Heaven because they follow Jesus. This object lesson message is perfect for teaching on the Fourth of July weekend or any other patriotic occasion. Main Objective: National pride can be a popular and much celebrated thing, especially nearing Independence Day or surrounding big sporting events. For some, patriotic enthusiasm…

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Dark Cupcakes In The Light – Christian Article

We’re talking about being lights in the dark in this New Year! Keeping the room dark, put out a plate of chocolate cupcakes, you can barely see them! Put a glass filled with a glow-stick bouquet and ice water in the middle, and it lights up the snack… like we light up a dark world! The snack will also give you a chance to discuss the scripture Materials Extra glow sticks Glass Chocolate cupcakes Serving plate…

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