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How to Help Children Understand Their Dreams – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

DO YOU KNOW THAT CHILDREN CAN HAVE SUPERNATURAL ENCOUNTERS JUST LIKE ADULTS?  My first significant word from God was at age 7. It wasn’t a dream, but a vision with a prophetic word. But at the time I didn’t know it was a message from God. It was revealed to me almost 50 years later. God brought it back to me as though it was yesterday and I immediately knew the interpretation. The following is an excellent article by Doug…

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THE JEREMIAH GENERATION! – Kids in Ministry International – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

PROPHECIES REVEAL THE DESIRE AND HEART OF GOD FOR PEOPLE AND NATIONS. Some prophecies will come to pass by the will of God no matter what man does. Others will come to pass only if we press in and war with them before the throne of God. Such was the case when the Apostle Paul said to Timothy, “This charge I entrust to you, Timothy, my child, in accordance with the prophecies previously made about you, that by them you…

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Is Your Child Called to Ministry? – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

I OCCASIONALLY GET QUESTIONS SIMILAR TO THIS ABOUT KIDS. “Dear KIMI, I would like to inquire if there is any sort of test available that could help kids identify which 5-fold ministry gift, plus the other ministry gifts, they are potentially wired for. Could you advise or help perhaps? Thanks, J.A.” That’s really a loaded question in several ways. The short answer is, there may be, but I am just not aware of any. And I don’t go looking and…

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