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There Is No Such Thing As An Ordinary Christian – Christian Article

You are not ordinary! One of the lies the enemy wants us to believe is that we are just ordinary and worthless, that we are not doing anything for the Lord, that we have no value to the Lord. We look around us and we see our fellow believers doing all kinds of things that we aren’t doing. They are going on mission trips, going into prisons, leading churches, starting ministries. And what are we doing? We are just going…

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How To Find Contentment In A Discontented World – Christian Article

We live in a world that is full of blessings. Especially if you live in this nation. We live in a nation with stores that have whole aisles dedicated to pet supplies. Whole departments of nothing but fishing equipment. We carry phones in our back pockets that can Facetime friends across the world and look up movie stars birthdays. We click a button on our laptop and the next day an order is sitting on our porch. Yet we are…

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