Nature of Sin

When Disciplining Kids Doesn’t Seem to Make a Difference – Christian Article

My sin doesn’t die easily. Right now, I’m fighting a particular one that seems especially persistent. I might see victory in it for a few months, but then something happens, I let my guard down, and I like feel I’ve taken 10 steps backward in sanctification. It’s frustrating. It’s annoying. It’s discouraging. My young kids also have sin issues that don’t seem to be going anywhere. Like me, they have good days and bad days. But unlike me, they don’t…

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Evangelism Must Explain What’s Wrong with the World – Christian Article

People around us today often scoff at the notion of sin. Our world has new names for what ails us: poor self-esteem, neurosis, addiction, anxiety, psychological wounding, and so forth. It isn’t that these issues aren’t a reality; it’s that such analysis doesn’t go deep enough to reveal the root cause. Yet for all the protest that sin is an old-fashioned, outdated concept, nearly everyone agrees that something has gone terribly wrong and must be made right. We see the…

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