Jack Christian? (Not the Movie Producer) – Christian Article

Jack Rabbit (Wikipedia) — sourcing this image meant adding a note to the third definition below. Until yesterday, I had never heard the term ‘Jack Mormon.’ It was a two-word reply to something in a long string of texting I was doing with a friend in Toronto, and I had to pause and check it out. Wikipedia is always a good place to start: The term Jack Mormon is a slang term originating in nineteenth-century America. It was originally used…

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Jeff Durbin Joins James to Discuss Andy Stanley and Kwaku El – Christian Article

For the first half hour or so Jeff Durbin and I discussed my new role as his fellow elder at Apologia Church along with his experience in dialoguing with Andy Stanley on the Unbelievable radio broadcast.  Then we transitioned into a full analysis of Kwaku El’s new video promoting polytheism.  I will continue my response to Kwaku next week on the program.  Enjoy! Here is the YouTube link:Live Video StreamThe Dividing Line is on YouTube video. Our YouTube channel also…

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