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Do You Love Your Church? – Youth Ministry Christian Article

I hear some pastors and staff and volunteers talk sometimes and from what I hear there are some serving in churches and they don’t love the church? To me that would be like working at War Mart and hating Wal Mart. I would be miserable and that misery would show in my job performance. I’m working through 1 Thessalonians and this morning I read this:9 But we don’t need to write to you about the importance of loving each other,…

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Encourage Your Volunteers: One-Minute Motivators – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

With the start of a new school year, there is simply too much to do! Urgent phone calls to parents, issues with curriculum, classroom decorations, and promotional events all press for your time. Caring for volunteers often falls to the bottom of the priority pile. Though preparation and planning are valuable aspects of leading a ministry, you cannot afford to neglect the health and welfare of your volunteer team. Taking time to connect with teachers and staff leaders is an…

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Church Growth – Andy Lawrenson – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Church Growth I see many “free” video courses pop up on social media about church growth. “Is your church stuck at ___ (fill in the blank with the number) and you want to grow past _____ (fill in the blank with number). There are a lot of church growth strategies and ideas floating around out there. Here are two ways to grow a church: (in my opinion) Step One: Faithfully SharingBecoming a Great Commission Community. Church members sharing their faith…

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