mid tribulation

Why I Am No Longer a Pretribber – End Times Christian Article

I used to be a staunch pre-tribulation man—taught it, defended it, and argued for it, but not anymore. Why? Because it is not scriptural, and neither is the post-tribulation, and mid-tribulation views—I will explain to you why, in a minute. But before I do that let me tell you that I do believe in a literal 7 year end times period after which Jesus comes back to the earth to set up His literal 1000 year Millennial kingdom and I…

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The Rapture Revealed and Proven – End Times Christian Article

The End Times Forecaster: The Rapture Revealed and Proven The Rapture Revealed and Proven One of the most controversial and hotly debated questions among Christians in the recent past has been the timing of the rapture. It is very important to have a correct rapture view—very important. Below is a hypothetical rapture conservation which I hope will help Christians come to a better understanding of the rapture and will reveal to you its timing. Question: Do you believe the scriptures,…

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