Michael Heiser

Now Streaming: The Unseen Realm Movie Featuring Michael Heiser and Corbin Bernsen – Christian Article

With more than 100,000 copies sold, The Unseen Realm by Michael S. Heiser has helped readers find biblical answers to tough questions, like: Why does the Bible use the word elohim to refer to other gods? And for that matter, does Psalm 82 (among other passages) say other gods actually exist? Will humans replace angels at the end of all things? Who is the “angel of the Lord” referred to in the Old Testament?  And now, Faithlife Originals presents a…

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Who Are the Archangels in the Bible? – Christian Article

This is a post by guest author Lindsay Kennedy. Given that only two angels are explicitly named in Scripture (Michael and Gabriel), it is unsurprising that they have garnered a lot of attention, speculation, and reverence throughout the centuries—in both religious tradition and popular media. Some even believe Michael was the pre-incarnate Jesus. With the help of Michael Heiser’s Angels, we will consider what the Bible says about Michael, archangels, and some other important angels. Michael and archangels Michael is…

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