How Christians Deal with the Loss of Time – Christian Article

This article was created in partnership with InterVarsity Press. It’s true what people say about the passage of time, how the years flow more quickly and frequently the older we get. It’s a strange sensation. I still feel young. At any moment, I can close my eyes and place myself in memories that feel as near as they’ve ever been. I can see myself in the delivery room when my firstborn son was born. I remember the first time I…

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Regret to inform you | The CVM Blog – Christian Article

 “I regret to inform you…” As a consequence of some of the major wars, WW1, WW2, the Vietnam War the following words were used in a letter sent to surviving family members: ‘I regret to inform you…’ There is a moment during the film ‘ Saving Private Ryan’ which shows a middle age woman washing dishes, as she looks out of her window she sees a car driving up to her house. She goes to her front porch to receive…

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