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Uncover the Keys to Modern Communication in 45 Minutes & Save Big in October’s Sale – Christian Article

Today’s audiences are hungry—but they don’t want the same “food” their parents and grandparents did. Canned stories don’t work anymore. People are longing to be fed with authenticity and personal transformation. Connection is key. But how do you build that connection? Learn effective new strategies to bolster your preaching in just 45 minutes with How to Communicate Effectively to Modern Audiences. In this course from Logos Mobile Ed, Grant Fishbook shares from over 20 years of experience creatively communicating the…

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Poverty, Newbigin, Greek, and Hebrew—Highlights from the Monthly Sale – Christian Article

New month, new deals—save up to 35% in July.  From books on Christian living to original language research, here are some highlights from July’s  monthly sale. Neither Poverty nor Riches: A Biblical Theology of Possessions From the acclaimed New Studies in Biblical Theology series (NSBT), Neither Poverty nor Riches dives deep into the Bible’s teaching on possessions.  On a subject as sensitive as this one, it is extraordinarily rare to find balance and prophetic voice rolled up in one. In…

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Every Logos Sale Ending at Midnight—Including Free Book – Christian Article

At midnight tonight, we pull down a number of incredible sales. Find links to all of them here so you don’t miss out. 20% off all Logos packages + free Mobile Ed Course Get your first base package ever or stack onto what you already have—no limits. And get a free course while you’re at it. Shop this sale. N. T. Wright sale Every book and course from the esteemed professor available in Logos—savings up to 30%. Shop this sale.…

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