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Logos Tech Tip: Explore Word Meanings with Logos – Christian Article

Bible software has been so focused on morphological searching (which is a powerful and helpful tool in any Bible student’s arsenal) that many people think it can’t do anything more. But with Logos, you can do so much more than search morphology. Logos features sophisticated tagging, which allows your searches to uncover what words mean rather than just where words occur. Thanks to the powerful Figurative Language Dataset, with the Bible Browser, you can quickly discover all the places where…

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Learning Logos: Access Notebooks and Collections from the Docs Menu – Christian Article

Our Logos Bible Software continues to expand and improve. Often it’s a small improvement that creates a big impact. Case in point is a recent 8.5 tweak: Notebooks and Collections were added as Filters on the Docs menu. Take a look at this: Choose the Docs menu Click the Yours tab to display your personal documents (A) Click the Sidebar icon (B) to toggle on a list of Filters (C) Notice in the Type section (D) 2 new Filters: Notebook (E) Resource Collection (F) Click one of these new Filters (E or F) to display matching hits on the right (G) Click a Notebook or Collection on…

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Logos Learning: How to Use the Bible Selector Feature – Christian Article

So here’s an observant question from a Logos user: I’m really enjoying the Faithlife Study Bible but noticed a Bible selector on its toolbar. What’s that all about? That’s a good eye and it provides me an opportunity to showcase this resource. Since its publication several years ago it has become my go-to study Bible. Its many features include: Bible book introductions Links to maps Sidebars with great articles Infographics Insightful comments for most verses of the Bible And much…

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