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Learning Logos: Access Notebooks and Collections from the Docs Menu – Christian Article

Our Logos Bible Software continues to expand and improve. Often it’s a small improvement that creates a big impact. Case in point is a recent 8.5 tweak: Notebooks and Collections were added as Filters on the Docs menu. Take a look at this: Choose the Docs menu Click the Yours tab to display your personal documents (A) Click the Sidebar icon (B) to toggle on a list of Filters (C) Notice in the Type section (D) 2 new Filters: Notebook (E) Resource Collection (F) Click one of these new Filters (E or F) to display matching hits on the right (G) Click a Notebook or Collection on…

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Logos Learning: How to Use the Bible Selector Feature – Christian Article

So here’s an observant question from a Logos user: I’m really enjoying the Faithlife Study Bible but noticed a Bible selector on its toolbar. What’s that all about? That’s a good eye and it provides me an opportunity to showcase this resource. Since its publication several years ago it has become my go-to study Bible. Its many features include: Bible book introductions Links to maps Sidebars with great articles Infographics Insightful comments for most verses of the Bible And much…

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