Let’s talk about Social Media – Soul Searchin’ BY KElSEY LYNN – Christian Article

          Hey again! I am about to dig deep into the whole social media topic that so many of us want to neglect. For some, this may be a very sensitive subject or maybe you even think it doesn’t concern you. But, you have already begun to read the blog that is labeled Social Media so hey, might as well wait until the end right? In today’s 21st Century, there are so many varieties when it comes to…

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BLOG #5 – Christian Article

For this post, I really wanted to unravel some questions that at some point in our lives we ask ourselves. “Why did God make me this way?” “Why does she/he have better hair than me?” “Why was I given this feature and not somebody else?”  The truth is, we are always going to be the hardest on ourselves and give ourselves thes harshest critiques. But the reality of it all is much greater of what we see in the mirror.…

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