Teach kids about Grace : a lesson on the Prodigal Son – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

By definition grace means undeserved favor. The grace God shows us is undeserved for sure, but it is something He gives us because He loves us so much. But how do we teach kids about grace? When thinking about grace, there is a great parable Jesus tells about a father son relationship. You are probably familiar with the Parable of the Prodigal Son. This is the perfect passage to use when preparing to teach kids about grace. Teach kids about…

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30 Days to Understanding the Bible: A Book Review – Christian Article

Tweet The book, 30 Days to Understanding the Bible by Dr. Max Anders, will do just what the title says; help you understand the Bible better, and do it in only 30 days. Why the Book? Knowing Dr. Anders’ background, and the fact that he was originally part of the series, Walk Through the Bible Ministries, I already have more trust in reading this book. Knowing that the Bible is so deep…

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