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Sunday School Lesson (Luke 7:37-48) Sinful Woman Anoints Jesus” – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

This is another powerful lesson on the power of God to forgive. Jesus shows that the faith of a “sinful woman” is respected by God more than the lukewarm faith of religious people. The complete lesson download below includes coloring pages and learning actives to help you share this message with the children. Lesson: Jesus says the Sinful Woman is an Example of True Faith Luke 7:37-48 Sunday School Lesson for Kids Target Ages: This lesson is broadly elementary (age…

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Sunday School Lesson (Luke 7:1-10) The Faith of the Centurion – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

In this Sunday School Lesson, children will see that Jesus has great power and deserves our faith. Download our printable lesson plan below to be ready to teach. We’ve included bonus learning activities to make your planning easier. The Centurion’s Faith: Luke 17:1-10 Bible Lesson for Kids Learning Objectives: After this lesson, children will demonstrate knowledge of the story … by telling the story back in their own words. Target Age: Kindergarten – 5th Text: Luke 7:1-10 Items Needed: Marked…

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