10 Great Books Every Children’s Ministry Leader Should Read – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Reading. Most of us have every intention to read more, but few of us actually read much. But reading is one of the easiest and best ways to grow ourselves. And as leaders, we have a responsibility to grow ourselves in order to lead well. Statistics show that reading by leaders is in decline. In fact, the lack of reading on the leadership level has declined to the point that some might consider it a crisis. Michael Hyatt, in his article…

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5 Essential Qualities You Want in Every Member of Your Leadership Team – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Leadership matters in your ministry. In fact, your ministry will only rise to the level that you and your leadership team can take it. Think about that statement for a moment. It has possible implications for both expanding your ministry beyond it’s current state, but also for limiting your ministry to little more than it is now. Leadership will raise your ministry, or lower it. In either case, it’s true. If you are a high capacity leader who can develop…

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