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Pilgrim’s Journey: BOOK 3: ISLAND QUEST (FULL BOOK) (With a PDF File) – End Times Christian Article

PDF File: PILGRIM’S JOURNEY: BOOK 3: ISLAND QUEST (PDF)(Or, Click Here for Pilgrim’s Journey: BOOK 3 Illustrated — PDF File with illustrations.)    Pilgrim’s Journey: The Quest for Heaven – BOOK 3 – Island Quest – A Novel / Allegory – By: Justin Brown (a pen name) Date Created: Feb. 12, 2019 Chapter 1 PDF File: PILGRIM’S JOURNEY: BOOK 3: ISLAND QUEST (PDF) Arriving at the First Destination Wind billowed the square sails of the galleon Red Jasper as it sailed across the placid sea. The moon’s…

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Narnia Promotes Paganism and Witchcraft (Part 2 of 2) — Paganism and Speaking with Familiar Spirits or Spirit Guides – End Times Christian Article

____________________________________ Paganism and Speaking with Familiar Spirits or Spirit Guides Is Found in Narnia Narnia Promotes Paganism and Witchcraft (Part 2 of 2) The Chronicles of Narnia stories are still popular today after their beginning in the 1950s. They have been made into several popular Hollywood films. Many Christians have embraced the books and treasured them along with other writings of C.S. Lewis. But, what is the reason for their continuing popularity? Could it be that they are more than just novels for…

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Does Eschatology Have a Purpose? – Christian Article

End times discussions shouldn’t be fraught with wild speculation and discord. In Jesus Wins, releasing this month, Dayton Hartman argues that a biblical view of eschatology produces a different response. It places Jesus’ return and victory at the center and inspires hope and greater faithfulness in the present age. This excerpt reminds readers that the entire story of redemption is about getting us back to paradise and the intended relationship with our Creator that began in the garden of Eden.…

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