Knowing God’s Will

The Secret to Meaning When Death Looms – Christian Article

We doctors are fixers. Medical school teaches us to conquer disease with an arsenal of technology. In the best circumstances, our determination to cure illness fulfills the call to love our neighbors (Matt. 22:39). A physician’s diligence can win people more time to love their families, pursue what matters in life, and glorify our Lord (Col. 3:17). Yet while we can postpone death, only Jesus has overcome it. Eventually our cures run out. Cancer cells evade chemotherapy. The heart stretches…

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How to Know When to Say No – Christian Article

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy.  Jen Wilkin: So, Jen and Jackie, you guys are both heavily involved in ministry, you’re doing lots of things, traveling a lot. A lot of opportunities coming your way. A big question, I know that we’re always having to deal with is how to do you know what to say yes to? Just everything sounds like a great…

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A Graveyard Is a Good Place to Make Big Decisions – Christian Article

Years ago I was driving through a rural area of west Tennessee, on my way to a little cottage on the Pickwick Dam in north Mississippi, where I’d take a couple of days away to write. Much was on my mind. I had large decisions in front of me—decisions that would shape the whole course of my future. My immediate problem wasn’t the course of my future, but the course of my actual journey at the time. I was lost.…

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