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FLIP IT to Gratitude – – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Introducing The Complaining Game! How do we help kids focus on the positive? This is what I did one Sunday. I put 10 common complaints of kids onto slips of paper and then put them on the top of 10 buckets. Kids then go 3 Popsicle sticks to use to vote. They put a Popsicle stick in the top three buckets they complain about the most. Then, we totaled them to discover the top complaints. Here was our results: BUT,…

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The LEAST vs. GREATEST GAME! – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

The LEAST vs. GREATEST GAME! “The Last Shall Be First” Prep: Number the Chairs: ROW # and SEAT # (Signs Provided at Link Below) Points: You need something physical for points – popsicle sticks, beans, etc. Something that can be passed out quickly that kids can hold so the points are tangible. PLAY: Kids Move Around and Choose a Chair, then the next RULE is read! (Option: You can make it appear that the rules are random by drawing a…

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THE NO RULES GAME! – – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

Why did God give us commandments and rules? Was it to spoil our fun? Rather than merely explain it, have your kids experience it! Play the NO RULES GAME! Randomly divide the kids up. Put out a bunch of game stuff. Blow the whistle say “GO!” As the kids start to try and play with the stuff, start awarding points AND penalties and declare a winner and loser. See how the kids respond. They won’t like a game with no…

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