Flame: Creative Children’s Ministry: Advent Journey Spirals – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

We are now totally on the countdown to Advent. If you haven’t read December’s edition of Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine, then I suggest you get your hands on one!! Here is one of the crafts I wrote for my page in the magazine as a little taster of what you can expect… This craft explores the idea of a journey towards the birth of Jesus, echoing the journey that Mary and Joseph take to Bethlehem and our own…

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I AM Coming Soon! | parousiaperspectives – Christian Article

I AM Coming Soon! Jan 15 PapaGod n Jesus Heart “I AM Your SHEPHERD.” I AM coming soon. Do you Know ME–Do I know you?– do you have a personal, intimate relationship with ME? I desire you to live in My Beautiful Home with ME forever. Have you invited ME into the Home of your heart, so I can invite you into Mine, Beloved? I AM your SHEPHERD to guide you to the path to MY Heavenly Home. I AM your…

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