John Piper

A parable of moral change on alcohol – Christian Article

Wine is a Mocker, by Jan Steen Increasingly, evangelical Christians are abandoning abstentionist and prohibitionist positions on alcohol. This is true among many conservative Baptist churches. It is increasingly common for pastors to lead their churches to take a more moderationist position with respect alcohol. Back in 1981, John Piper led Bethlehem Baptist Church to change its church covenant with respect to beverage alcohol. The church covenant Piper inherited read, We engage . . . to abstain from the sale…

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On Issuing a “Farewell” to Those With Whom You Disagree

There’s a classic Negro spiritual, In That Great Gettin’ Up Morning. My parents owned a copy of the song covered by a group of white guys (not the version by the Gaither Vocal Band) and for some reason it got lodged in my brain Sunday morning while getting ready to leave for worship. The song urges the listener to do what they can now in order to “fare well” at the sound of the trumpet ushering in the judgement of…

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John Piper’s Regrets in Ministry – Christian Article

I love watching or reading interviews with Christian leaders. Interviews give us an opportunity to learn real and raw information about someone, often because the one being interviewed is caught off guard. Who you truly are is revealed when you are surprised. Sometimes I re-watch interviews because the insights gleaned were so helpful. Such is the case with an interview I recently re-watched with John Piper and Collin Hansen. Photo Credit: Desiring God While the interview is a few years…

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