Jesus the Discipler

6 Keys to Disciple Children, According to Jesus – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

“What is our plan for making disciples?” “Does our plan work?” Examine your disciple-making strategy and practices. Jesus trained His twelve disciples to transform the world. He became a “life-coach” who directly discipled others. The six sections below summarize an effective method to introduce Jesus’ disciple-making strategy to kids. Within weeks of practicing these steps, you’ll begin telling others, “This is my most significant ministry!” 1. Purpose • Jesus: The Lord’s eyes never wavered from His objective—to transform the world by…

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Transformational Discipleship | – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

“Many churches equate discipleship with knowledge … but the essence of discipleship is transformational not informational. Jesus did not merely ask us to teach everything He commanded. He asked us to teach people to obey everything He commanded, and the difference is massive (Matthew 28:19). The end result of discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all Jesus commanded but the obedience to all Jesus commanded.” 1 Greg Baird poses this pivotal question regarding children: “Are you practicing informational discipleship…

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