Jeremiah 49:34-39

ESCHATOLOGY TODAY: Global SITREP A1-20: IRAN Part II – End Times Christian Article

Screen grab of Soleimani’s last Damascus-Baghdad flight. UPDATE 3 January 2020: The tremendous capabilities of US intelligence was on full display last night in the real-time tracking of Quds Force MG Qassem Soleimani’s and the terrorist ensemble accompanying him on his last flight (Cham Wings FLT 6Q501) from Damascus to Baghdad. Upon arrival the surveillance continued with US military aircraft loitering overhead, and ended with four Hellfire missiles slamming into the convoy of vehicle as they departed the Baghdad International…

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ESCHATOLOGY TODAY: Global SITREP C5-19: 21st Century Warfare – End Times Christian Article

USMC LMADIS Anti-Drone system UPDATED (Below) 19 July 2019: Yesterday at approximately 10 AM in the morning in the Strait of Hormuz there was a hostile encounter between the US and Iran. But the shots fired weren’t conventional bullets, but a beam of electromagnetic energy (EM). Welcome to warfare in the 21st Century. A full write-up on this vehicle and its technology by Tyler Rogoway is at The War Zone. The 11th MEU embarked on the USS Boxer brought down…

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ESCHATOLOGY TODAY: Global SITREP D10-19: IRAN – End Times Christian Article

ESCHATOLOGY TODAY: Global SITREP D10-19: IRAN Global SITREP D10-19: IRAN UPDATED 08 December 2019: This morning PM Netanyahu began his Cabinet meeting by discussing the threat posed by Iran. The Arutz Sheva (INN) report is linked here. The official Government of Israel report is here.  To recap, the PM said that this past week’s discussions with both US and Russian leaders (Trump, SECSTATE Pompeo and Putin) the topic of the Iranian threat was the central issue addressed. He also reiterated…

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