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As Christmas approaches, remember Bethlehem in your prayers – Wings Of The Eagle Blog – End Times Christian Article

From the newest newsletter from Ari of MAOZ messianic ministry in Israel, let us read of the true state of Bethlehem: Christian no more, Satan has a foothold in the city of our Lord’s nativity. Poor little town of Bethlehem When I was a child decades ago in Israel, we had issues with Islamic terrorists, but the Palestinian Arab community at large was focused on their jobs and raising their families. Towns like Nazareth and Bethlehem had a Christian Arab…

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That Fame Monstrosity (An Open Letter to Believers/New Leaders Who Love Eschatology) – Wings Of The Eagle Blog – End Times Christian Article

If Lady Gaga calls the pursuit of fame a monster, even satirically titling an album thus, why don’t we Christians recognize this truth?  Why are we often striving to be well known among other believers? Those of us who are armchair students of eschatology often decide we want degrees in the field. Fine. Many of us-with or without seminary degrees-establish social media presences where we publish our teachings, podcasts, images, our Biblical spin on current events, etc. And then we…

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