How to Facilitate Racial Reconciliation – Youth Ministry Christian Article

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I led this conversation with Jeffrey Wallace and Brent Crowe  several years ago, but it’s more pertinent now than ever. Racial tensions, like embers in a forest, have been whipped into a flames by controversial (and deadly) confrontations between white police officers and young black men. Racial distrust and misunderstanding now define our contemporary culture in profound and far-reaching ways. We need an ongoing, courageous conversation to break the tension…) More than any time since the ’60s, today’s tensions…

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Holy, Righteous, Ratchet Squad: An Interview with Kings Kaleidoscope – Christian Article

Kings Kaleidoscope presses even deeper into their signature blend of hymnody fused with hip hop, soul, and alternative rock on their latest record Zeal. A sonic explosion of chaotically ordered soundscapes, Zeal comes alive with splashes of color and joyous, childlike wonder. During a short break in their 25-city, nationwide tour across the United States, I caught up with lead singer Chad Gardner to talk about the band’s newest release. The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.…

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Designer & Disciple – The Jesus Pursuit – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); I have many entrepreneurs in my family, including my mom and dad, so I am always interested when I meet others who have ventured out on their own also. I met this “Mompreneur” through Instagram! Lauren Grier is a branding and web designer, and throughout our discussion shared with me her vision for the future of her business and personal life. What’s involved with branding and web design, anyway? I really didn’t know much about the…

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