Giving Goes the Distance with Wolf Construction – Youth Ministry Christian Article

Pictured: Jerry Olender, Chris Polly and Scott Quick of Wolf Construction present the company’s employee grant contribution to Youthfront’s Lea Ann Roach and Lisen Tammeus Mann.   Thanks to a Kansas City-based employee of Wolf Construction, Youthfront was the first Kansas City-area organization to be awarded a grant from the Iowa-based company. Each year, Wolf’s employees contribute to a fund that the company matches, and employees have the opportunity to suggest and vote on what charity will receive the funds.…

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Sermon #101: Yes, You Can! – Christian Article

// (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); I remember when I was still a teenager. I kept grudges; real grudges, I mean. I did not know how to forgive; neither did I have the willingness to do so. If somebody did me wrong they were supposed to pay for it! I was a stranger to God back then – I had never experienced the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in my life. Any talk about God actually had a jarring…

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