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Giving thanks for Key Ministry’s most impactful year to date – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

  I think my favorite part of my job with Key Ministry is affording other people opportunities to use their gifts and talents to honor and serve God. That’s a lot of what we do – giving pastors, ministry leaders and volunteers the tools, resources, relationships and platforms to connect churches and families impacted by disability for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus Christ. In 2019, we enjoyed  unprecedented opportunities to advance the cause of disability ministry. Here are…

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A proliferation of disability ministry training – Children’s Ministry Christian Article

We initiated a conversation this past March about making high quality disability ministry training available within a half-day drive of every church in the U.S. The conversation stimulated lots of interest in the Special Needs and Disability Ministry Leaders group we help to facilitate on Facebook, and many in the group volunteered trainings and events sponsored by the the churches and ministries where they serve. This past weekend alone, we’re aware of three significant ministry conferences involving national speakers that…

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